"We Have Liftoff!" The store is Live!

Two years of planning and three months of hard work, we finally launched our store. Here's what our vision and efforts translate towards. 

Mistr Original

Our independent store is live with six products, created to the highest quality to reflect our vision of habesha culture. We have worked tirelessly to create stunning graphics that capture our shared habesha culture in a modern light. Our products take a new perspective on age-old design and aesthetics to produce graphic tees and a full range of soon coming apparel that embodies habesha culture. Our products bring a unique perspective, evolving with the habesha community of today. As a result, we embrace the culture while trying not to imitate it. Our core design is to make beautiful products that people can connect with while positively impacting Habesha's world over.

Mistr X

Our Mistr X is a platform in the making. Here photographers can use our website, advertising, and production capacity to sell their products through our partnership program. Successful applicants submit their final visual products, which are edited, printed, framed, then shipped to their final customers upon request. We are also planning on a full-transparency model, where our partners can view our order books to know how much we have sold and their profits from sales. Mistr X is the bridge that connects creatives in Ethiopia and Eritrea to the rest of the world, at a minimal cost. Currently, we are thinking of an 80/20 split, where we receive 20% of the after cost profits. This could be anywhere from $8 to as large as $200 a month; we don't know what the potential is, which makes this more exciting! Mistr X is dedicated to growing the creative industry in East Africa. As a result, we will never use your work without compensating you!

Join us by becoming a Mistr X partner: https://bit.ly/mistrx