Our Social Impact!

Mistr is working with Brother Kalid, an NGO located in Ethiopia. Brother Kalid rehabilitates homeless individuals, giving them shelter, medical care and training, creating a stable environment that allows them to rejoin the workforce.

Our goal at Mistr is to help Ethiopians and Eritreans as best we can. Through our products, we want to impact people's lives positively. As a result, a donation backs all Mistr Shirts! Every piece of clothing in our store gives a shirt to a person in need.

Brother Khalid was founded by two brothers, Kalid Nasir and Mohamed Ali, who converted their own living space to a shelter for vulnerable individuals. Brother Kalid is continually working to increase capacity and create more work opportunities for individuals under their care. At Mistr, we want to have impactful products that help fight poverty by supporting causes such as Brother Kalid. A donation is behind every shirt we have sold and will sell!

With the help of TTM Education, we have donated 500 locally (Ethiopian-made) t-shirts. TTM Education is a Canadian Education Platform that teaches people how to become financially independent. TTM's educational platform also features experienced traders and a community of like-minded individuals who support, guidance and motivation to reach your financial goals. 

Be part of our impact by buying a Mistr product :)