We are happy to say that Mistr X is officially live! 

Our current lineup features photographs and illustrations from 5 talented individuals.

Tsion Assefa

The masenqo is a single-stringed bowed lute instrument commonly found in Eritrean and Ethiopian traditional music. Its unique bow and single horsehair string are used to make tones that fit the range of the singer's voice. Transitioning from low to high tones, masenqo artists sing passionate poems and age-old stories while using the instrument as an extension of their voice.

Kirubel Samuel

"With hair that defies gravity and skin that reflects the sun am I, not beauty embodied" - Unknown. 


Photographed is a young girl from the remote Ethiopian outskirts, who possesses a captivating aura. A far cry from the neglected depiction of Africa in mainstream media, her defiant spirit is reflected in her hair and exuberant expression.

Heran Mengesha

The exterior of this art deco style building in Eritrea is reminiscent of the Italian era, hinting at the unique charm of Asmara and other Eritrean cities. With an infusion of African and European cultures, Eritrea's major cities are filled with timeless buildings preserved through time. These stunning structures and the people's lively & hospitable nature bring hundreds from around the world year-round.

Simon Abrha

This print captures three themes, determination, dreaming big, and avoiding shadows. At the core of the graphic is the largest figure, to represent the grandiose thinking needed in the present in order to propel ourselves forward to the future. All the while, with reflection instead of shadows to comment on the need for self-evaluation at all times and not to focus on negative forces. Captured is the timeless energy of life that presents us with unique opportunities and steers us away towards a better tomorrow.

Henok Zerabruk

"An old Addis Ababa neighborhood characterized by corroded fences and roofs maintained with plastic sheets. This particular composition evokes the nostalgically cozy feeling of being at home on a rainy night, implemented here as a metaphor for brightness and comfort amongst cold and stormy uncertainty".