Mistr/Visual Habesha COVID-19 Efforts.

Here are a few updated regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.


  1. Due to the current pandemic, we are experienced delayed shipping and fulfilment times. We are doing our best to ship your order as quickly as possible, but we do ask for your passion during this time. Thank you for shopping with us.
  2. To help support the fight against Covid-19, we are donating 15% of all our sales towards charitable and not-for-profit organizations offering COVID-19 relief within Ethiopia and Eritrea. When you buy something from our store, not only are you striking change, you’re also helping flatten the curve. Use "COVID" during checkout to get free shipping and participate in COVID relief efforts. 
  3. We will donate directly to initiatives within Ethiopia and Eritrea on-going bases and post our deposit information on our social media, including our Instagram and Facebook pages. We are targeting organizations that are organizing feeding initiatives as well as government entities that are using donations as a source of finance for purchasing PPEs.
  4. Our core belief in this time of crisis is to serve our customers better while allowing them to impact change in Ethiopia and Eritrea positively. If you would like to help but are constrained financially, we recommend donating directly to these initiatives. 
  5. The following are a few initiatives that are doing fantastic work, which we aim to be a part of: