Mistr Team in Addis. Week 1 Update!

Hey Mistr Fam,

For the last three weeks, our team has been working from Ethiopia! Currently, we are focusing on understanding the creative community locally while highlighting a niche or the underground art culture to the masses. Our idea is to add value to local products while allowing the creatives to benefit.

We are reaching out to members of the creative community to learn more about how the local industry is structured. We know there is an opportunity for our platform to help individuals here, but need to understand the limitations better. We are interested in meeting artists (particularly in print, graphic or photography/videography), community organizers, and scholars of Ethiopian art and culture. Recommendations are welcome!

At the moment, products are not ready to be sold in Ethiopia. Business in Ethiopia requires a physical presence and a lot of legwork, that is why we have not yet started sales in Ethiopia. We are making progress daily, and we will continue documenting our local journey for you, our Mistr Fam.

Stay tuned to our website's blog section for more updates!