Mistr on Air is Live!


Update (August 11th 2021)

We have added our podcast to three more sites. Listen to Mistr on Air on Castro, Overcast, or through our RSS link.


We are excited to announce Mistr on Air, which is our long-form podcast touching on Ethiopian art, culture, and our work at Mistr!  
Mistr on Air Episode 1 will focus on how we started Mistr, our design journeys, and long-term goals for our brand! We also talk about the difference between Mistr Origin and Mistr X, and how Mistr X is set up to help creative individuals break into the global income and gain higher income. Mistr on Air will be available on Spotify and Apple Music and with new episodes coming every other week! 

We are excited to share many more stories with you! If you want to hop on our podcast, send us a direct message on Instagram!  


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