Black Lives Matter!

We wanted to show our solidarity as a black-owned African origin business towards the Black Lives Matter Movement. We created two pieces influenced by the conversations and emotions we are feeling during this time.

i) The first piece has a silhouette of the African continent with a stylized Black Lives Matter copy portrayed within the confines of the form. Even though the movement originated in the United States, Black Lives Matter is a global movement, one that especially hits close to home for Africans. In the words of Martin Luther King Jr, we are all connected. The cause of our brothers and sisters is ours as well, and at Mistr, we are proud Africans who stand for Black Lives Matter

ii) The second piece illustrates the of HIM Haile Selassie with a raised Black Power solidarity fist. HIM Haile Selassie was a founding member of the League of Nation and a globally respected African leader, even during African Colonization. Being a prominent figure globally, during those periods creates an appreciation for HIM Haile Selassie and all the work he has done for Ethiopia and the African people.

Enjoy these free prints and support our efforts by purchasing art and apparel. 15% of all proceeds go towards helping fighting COVID in Ethiopia.