New Mistr X Collaboration!

We created two new designs that have art direction from Gelila, a design enthusiast with a goal of sharing stories about Ethiopia globally through local garments and styles. The two pieces focus around music (Muzika Graphic) and family (Shuruba Graphic).

The Muzika Graphic features the masinko, krar and kebero, all of which are staples in Ethiopian music. The Shuruba Graphic features a mother braiding her daughter’s hair, both of whom are wearing Habesha kemis (traditional dresses). These designs were commissioned and curated by Gelila, whose creative direction brings a new focus on the Habesha experience to Mistr X. Lastly, Gelila’s creative vision has allowed us to expand our product catalog to include even more high-quality garment products. With this collaboration, we will be offering the two designs on t-shirt dresses as well as sweatshirts, allowing for even more styling options.

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